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Private language school
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Location : America > California State Establishment : 1982Year
Enrollment : 120 Airport Pickup : Yes
  17320 Red Hill Ave., #300 Irvine, CA 92614
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  Telephone : 949 - 756 - 0321   Fax : 949 - 756 - 0344
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- For those students who wish to accelerate their English education, intensive English offers the ESL Standard program and one additional elective course combined.
- LASC provides an accommodation for students. They can request for Home Stay, Apartments, rental rooms
- Irvine is located only 10 minutes away from Newport Beach and is home to some of the world's largest technology and IT firms.
National Mix
Nationalities of students include Asian, South American,European and other countries. The percentage may vary each month.
  LASC American Language and culture - Irvine About the
For nearly three decades, LASC has been one of the nation's premier ESL institutes. The staff and faculty are proud to continue that unparalleled tradition of excellence for an entirely new generation seeking to add full English fluency to their skill set. International students come to the institution from every possible background (from academics to professionals to diplomats) and every proficiency level (from complete beginners to current speakers). Instructors know that skills must be effectively applied to be of use. It is not enough to simply know a thing, one must also do that thing well, so they teach the students how to do both. This is why the institution's proven program goes beyond memorization, beyond immersion, and even beyond comprehension ... instructors teach students how to truly communicate better, and use English to do it. And unlike typical ESL instruction, LASC's curriculum is a living, growing, and evolving program. LASC's former graduates often return to contribute their real-life experiences. ESLA is the only ESL institute dedicated to providing students with true learning excellence, in an enthusiastic and supportive learning environment, to ensure a better future.
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