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  California State University (CSU), Northridge 
Intensive English Program
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Location : America > California State Establishment : 1977
Enrollment : 270 Airport Pickup : Yes
  18111 Nordhoff Street Northridge , CA , 91330-8343
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  Telephone : +1 818-677-3404   Fax : +1 818-677-2288
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- For students in advanced levels, conditional admission to CSU Northridge is available without any TOEFL scores.
- Numerous area attractions and located close to Los Angeles including many aerospace institutions at San Fernando Valley
- High ratings of Intensive general English program by students
Top Native Language by Center
Nationalities of students include Japanese(30%), Korean(30%),Thailand(9%),Taiwanese(8%), and other countries. The percentage may vary each month.
Conditional Admission
For students who complete the ESL program of CSU Northridge, chance to apply for conditional admission is available with no TOEFL scores. Some can even take university program as part of their curriculum while in ESL.
  Intensive English Program About the
Programs for midcareer professionals and working adults offered through CSUN's Tseng College have features of high value for anyone seeking a graduate degree with both recognized academic quality and tight links to contemporary professional practice.Students in CSUN programs for midcareer professionals gain the advantage of CSUN's exceptional graduate-degree programs with curricula that are carefully crafted to take full advantage of the strengths that midcareer professionals bring to the classroom as well as modes of instruction, delivery and support that have proved most effective in bringing these students to the highest levels of reflective and effective professional practice. Located near the geographic center of the San Fernando Valley, CSU Northridge offers a variety of programs including 134 different Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees in 70 different fields, 3 Doctoral degrees including two Doctor of Education and a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and 24 teaching credentials. Conditional admissions are possible for students who complete the ESL program at the campus.
  California State University (CSU), NorthridgeAbout the
California State University, Northridge is a public university in the Northridge neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, United States in the San Fernando Valley.CSUN is a campus of the California State University system. It was founded first as the Valley satellite campus of Cal State Los Angeles amongst old walnut and citrus groves. It then became an independent college in 1958 as San Fernando Valley State College, with major campus master planning and construction. The University adopted its current name of California State University, Northridge in 1972.CSUN offers a variety of programs including 134 different Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees in 70 different fields, 3 Doctoral degrees including two Doctor of Education and a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and 24 teaching credentials. The university has over 200,000 alumni. It is also home to a summer musical theater/theater program known as TADW (TeenAge Drama Workshop) that leads teenagers through an intensive six-week training of the fine arts. Cal State Northridge is home to the National Center on Deafness, and each year the university hosts the International Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities.
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