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New York Language Learning Center
Off-campus Residence
University-based Program
Location : America > New York State Establishment : 1985
Enrollment : 50-100 Airport Pickup : YES
  1293 Broadway/One Herald Center New York, NY 10001
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  Telephone : (212) 672-6462   Fax : (212) 672-0362
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- Specific education & preparation for high-demand, high growth careers
- The opportunity to earn your college degree in just 16 months
- Small class sizes
  New York Language Learning CenterAbout the
ASA College's language institute, New York Language Learning Center offers unparalleled English instruction by outstanding teachers who have successfully helped thousands of students learn the language. The NYLLC method focuses on speaking, listening, writing and reading English in real-life situations. Starting from your first class, you'll be speaking, reading and communicating in English. Classes are dynamic and fun, so you'll have many opportunities to immediately practice what you're learning. Whether you currently live in the area or will move here from abroad, you'll see that our proven teaching methods and affordable programs make NYLLC an invigorating place to learn English. We invite you to join our community of international students from over 75 countries! Discover everything New York City has to offer. NYLLC programs allows non-native speakers the unique opportunity to master the English Language before following a traditional path of college study. We provide a dynamic learning environment in which a diverse population of students at various levels of competency come together to learn and grow. In bringing fresh, cutting-edge and original academic ideas to new generations of traditional and non-traditional learners, our program adheres to and transcends the mission and vision of NYLLC. New York Language Learning Center allows you to complete your education and get a college degree without “dropping out of life”. We make every effort to accommodate your busy lifestyle by offering morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend sessions.  NYLLC provides all necessary support to the students including unlimited tutorial classes and individual consultations. Free skills upgrades are available for our graduates. Professors at New York Language Learning Center are known for their dedication to teaching. They bring a world of practical knowledge into the classroom. Our faculty members are not only experienced instructors but they remain actively engaged with prestigious companies. Some of them are also noted published authors.
  ASA CollegeAbout the
ASA's modest roots began in 1985 with a professor and 12 students in a small Brooklyn classroom. Known then as 'Advanced Software Analysis', the institute focused on computer programming, as New York had a dire shortage of qualified mainframe programmers at that time. Since then, the college has grown to more than 3000 students, 20 programs of study, and 2 large, centrally-located campuses in midtown Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn. Today, in addition to computers, our programs focus on the rapidly-growing industries of healthcare, business and criminal justice. Over the years, as technology revolutionized how every major industry operates, ASA created and updated programs of study to meet new market needs. Consistent with the demands and capabilities of our stu­dent body, which includes highly motivated and mature immigrants, ASA programs have always featured a "hands-on" training component. In 1999, ASA received authorization from the New York State Board of Regents to confer degrees in accounting, computer programming and information technology and medical assisting. 
OECKO is established in 1981. It is On and Offline study abroad counseling center. We have more than 20,000 students who went abroad to study through OECKO, and these students are working in variety of fields. We made partnerships with all excellent universities in order to raise global students. Students can self apply to schools in USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Spain, France and etc by him or herself without any cost. However, high schools’, or universities’ required essay or personal statements help from us is charged. Language study entrance admissions can be obtained in 3~14 days.
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