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  ST. Paul University Manila  
MK Language
On-Campus Dorm/residence
University-based Program
Location : Philippines > Manila Establishment : 2006
Enrollment : 80 Airport Pickup : Yes
  Cara Celine dormtel. 2450 Del Carmen ST. cor. Kapitan Tikonh St, Malate, Manila
Contact Info
  Telephone : +63 2 525 3298   Fax : +63 2 526 5728
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- Upon completion, students will receive the official certificate from St. Paul University
- Direct flights from Seoul available
- Center and residence halls are connected, and students can live in a safe environmnet
Top Native Language by Center
95% of the students are from Korea and the resting 5% are from other nations.
  MK LanguageAbout the
MK Education has a know-how for English education for foreign students. Scientifically built education program, selected textbooks, qualified teachers, philosophies and caring will help students to effectively learn English. Students will live and with native speakers to be accustomed to English speaking environment. Students will enjoy diverse culture and relaxed environment. The program is very carefully planned and will grant students the best opportunity and experience. World famous universities UP, CPU, DSLU, SPUM, and MOU are working with the program to grant students certificate upon completion. Students will learn according to their English level and there will be daily vocabulary test, monthly test (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)and 10 levels program. Mentors will be assigned to each student for personal help. Every year, more than a thousand students complete this program, and the program has been awarded as the best brand from Korea Economy Newspaper for the past 5 years in a row. Also the Philippines government has accredited the program, and the government has also given SSP, TESDA(Educational accreditation)to this center. It has also been appointed by ETS for TOEIC center
  ST. Paul University Manila About the
Manila St. Paul University is owned by St. Paul nunnery foundation. In 2005, this private University started accepting male students; however, the school was originally built for educating nuns in 1911. In 1912, the university took neighbor's request for making elementary school, and started using the name St. Paul. Nowadays, there are 27 campuses both in and outside of the Philippines and this also includes Korea. Since 1912, St. Paul University has kept its Catholic faith, and led the education industry in the Philippines. Graduates have shown great work in different areas, and have been motivating students in different fields. St. Paul has also worked to educate Catholics and support Christian education in the world. Quality and Service are constantly improved, and the university has been certified for ISO 9001 for the first time as Asia's first Catholic university
OECKO is established in 1981. It is On and Offline study abroad counseling center. We have more than 20,000 students who went abroad to study through OECKO, and these students are working in variety of fields. We made partnerships with all excellent universities in order to raise global students. Students can self apply to schools in USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Spain, France and etc by him or herself without any cost. However, high schools’, or universities’ required essay or personal statements help from us is charged. Language study entrance admissions can be obtained in 3~14 days.
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