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OECKO is established in 1981. It is On and Offline study abroad counseling center. We have more than 20,000 students who went abroad to study through OECKO, and these students are working in variety of fields. We made partnerships with all excellent universities in order to raise global students. Students can self apply to schools in USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Spain, France and etc by him or herself without any cost. However, high schools’, or universities’ required essay or personal statements help from us is charged. Language study entrance admissions can be obtained in 3~14 days.
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9(A) Temporary Visitors Visa

1. Passport of applicant (valid at least 6 months from return date)
2. Duly-accomplished Non-Immigrant Visa application form, typed or printed legibly in black or blue ink, and notarized if sent by mail
3. Travel Itinerary (applicant must be a holder of a roundtrip/onward flight ticket out of Manila)
4. One (1) colored photo, 2” x 2”, taken within six months before the date of application, showing a clear front view of applicant’s face, with a white background. No sleeveless attire. Blurred or low quality photos are not accepted.
5. Proof of Financial Capacity (photocopy of latest bank statement, previous year's income tax return, most recent pay stub and an employment certificate from the employer indicating position and salary, or affidavit of support), for Tourist Visa for pleasure only
6. Letter from employer or sponsor of the trip, indicating its specific purpose or nature and length of stay (inclusive dates) in the Philippines, for Tourist Visa for business only
7. Self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps, via US Postal Service or private courier of choice, preferably with tracking numbers, if Passport with Visa is to be mailed back
8. Visa fee, according to fee schedule below (non-refundable), payable in money order, bank draft, certified check or cashier’s check, and cash when personally applying. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.
For Nationals of Countries  with Visa Agreement with The Philippines:
1. Single entry valid for three (3) months US$ 30.00
2. Multiple entry valid for six (6) months US$ 60.00
3. Multiple-entry valid for twelve (12) months US$ 90.00
For Nationals of Countries without Visa Agreement with The Philippines:
1. Single entry valid for three (3) months US$ 40.00
2. Multiple entry valid for six (6) months US$ 80.00
3. Multiple-entry valid for twelve (12) months US$ 120.00
Note: The Philippine Embassy/Consulate General assumes no responsibility for any delay or loss in the mail, or while the documents are in the custody of the courier service. The applicant should note the tracking numbers of all envelopes used and submitted.
Waiver of Exclusion (WE) for Certain Minors
As a rule, minors, who are under 15 years of age and unaccompanied by or not traveling with a parent to the Philippines, are generally excluded from entering the Philippine ports of entry.
To avoid exclusion before arrival at Philippine ports, either of the following measures may be taken:
• The minor’s guardian or legal representative shall, at least 72 hours before arrival, write a letter of intent to travel to the Philippines to the Commissioner of Immigration, requesting the minor’s waiver of exclusion and the relinquishment of exclusion fees (exemption from payment) in the amount of P3,120.00. Copies of the minor’s passport, visa (if necessary), return ticket and invitation from a parent or sponsoring entity in the U.S. should be enclosed with the letter. Upon approval, the Commissioner of Immigration will issue an Order waiving the minor’s exclusion, a copy of which will be sent to the Immigration Duty Supervisors (IDS) at the port of entry.
• The minor’s guardian or legal representative fills out the application form for Waiver of Exclusion (WE), which can be obtained from the IDS, and attaches a copy of the minor’s passport. Upon approval, the minor’s guardian or legal representative will be directed to pay a waiver fee of P3,120.00 for each unaccompanied minor.
Applying for a Philippines Study Visa
The process for students applying for a Philippines visa is as follows:
• In the first instance, an application must be made directly to the school of the applicant's choice. As part of this application, the candidate must submit a range of documentation to prove their identity, including a birth certificate, which must be authenticated by the Philippines embassy or consulate in the student's country. Evidence of the candidate's education to date must also be provided along with an assurance that the candidate is able to be funded or can support him or herself throughout the course of their time in the Philippines.
• The second step of the Philippines student visa application is for the applicant to be accepted by the school or college to which they have applied.
• Where a candidate successfully obtains a place to study, the educational institution will issue a Notice of Acceptance (NOA). In some circumstances, where a candidate will be attending a medical course or a course in other selected areas, it will also be necessary to obtain a certificate of eligibility for admission (CEA) which will be issued by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).
• Beyond these steps, the student visa application itself can be processed.
Global Visas manage and monitor your application from beginning to end and our online visa tracking system allows you to be kept up to date with where your application is in the process.
As part of the application, candidates will need to provide a valid passport, their notice of acceptance (NOA), and a range of supporting documentation. It will also be necessary to obtain police clearance and to provide a certificate of good health.
Applying for a study visa from within the Philippines
In the Philippines, visas of this category may be obtained whilst a candidate is already present in the country on another valid visa service.
Candidates approaching the application process from within the Philippines will also need to provide:
• A range of documentation including evidence of their education to date,
• Their original Notice of Acceptance (NOA),
• Police clearance,
• Medical certificate and
• A current and valid passport.
As specialists in Philippines visas, Global Visas provide everything from short-term visit visas to more specialist work visas and investor visas. Our specialist Philippines immigration consultants are committed to ensuring that you obtain the right visa for your specific requirements.
To take the first step towards living in the Philippines, simply visit the online assessment area.
Just take a few moments to complete one of our straightforward assessment forms, and a migration consultant will contact you directly, to discuss your case. Find out further information on our Philippines Tourist Visa page.
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