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 1. Applicant's Signature on School's Forms
For security and legal reason, schools require writing down student's signature. If the name of applicant and financial sponsor are different, sponsor must write down signatures on documents which school requires. Once documents are all signed, student can return those documents to the school. Some schools ask students to send a copy of passport, so it's recommended to signing the same signature on documents same as the passport signature. Also, if documents are about additional personal information which was not on online application, student can fill it out after read the direction carefully.
 2. Non-Refundable Application Fee
Application fee is required to submit with application forms in general. This fee is non-refundable even if student didn't get accepted or cancel the admission. If application fee is not paid, the school will not process the admission procedure. For online application, there's a payment sections with credit card information (Visa, Master Card, American Express) and application fee must be paid once student is finishing the application. If schools are not accepting credit card as a payment method, follow the school's payment direction. To transfer money, student can go to a bank where is available to exchange.

※ To transfer foreign exchange
In general, people use open check (Bank Check, Banker's draft) or bank transfer. To send money as check, issue a check with currency of the country to send and send it via international post. Check usually issues during the day in general and can be charged with some fees. Bank transfer is available in a bank which has international transfer service. Transfer to the school's bank account works after fill out an international transfer request form. Highly recommended to get a photo copy of request form or receipt and send it to the school. For wire transfer, it usually take 3-5 business days and can be charged some fees.
 3. Financial Statement / Official Bank Statement
Financial statement is a verification document that the student is able to afford all the expense to study abroad (tuition, residence and living cost). The amount of money can be different depends on the country, school, program to attend. This document is submitted to the school and embassy for visa, and it is one of the most important documents for admission procedure. It needs to be issued from a bank account which has enough balance and it costs some fees to be issued. Usually it issues by banks or financial institution but some schools require filling out a specific form. In that case, student can bring the form to the financial institution to be filled in English. If applicant and sponsor (family, or someone else) are different, the sponsor needs a proof of the relationship between applicant and bank statement. If applicant is using sponsor's account, applicant needs to get an agreement letter with sponsor's signature.
 4. Tuition Deposit
While student is processing the admission progress, some schools are asking for tuition deposit. Deposit is different with application fee and its part of tuition to save a spot as an accepted student. Once student is paying for tuition, student will pay rest of the money after paying deposit. Please note that some schools' deposit is not refundable as canceling the admission progress. If it's refundable, it'll return as following the policy of canceling admission.
 5. Transcript / Official Grade Report
Transcript is a document which has all the information about subject, semester hour, grades with principal of the school's signature. This is a document which will be submitted to the school where student is applying and also one of the required documents for admission process and student visa. High school or college or any institution of the most recent education will issue this. If English transcript is not available, student may receive a copy of english transcript and ask a third-person for translation then send a copy of english and English script together with a signature of the principal. Sometimes schools require sending a transcript directly from the institution which issuing a transcript and for this step, student needs to pay a close attention. If student is sending a transcript with other documents, it must be sealed and if there's any opened mark, the transcript will be no longer valid.
 6. Certificate of Degree / Diploma
Diploma is a document of the proof of student's graduation from affiliated schools now or in the past with the signature of the institution's principal. This document will be submitted with transcript for visa and admission process. In general, it needs to be issued from the school of recent education progress. If this document can't be issued in English, it can be requested for translation. This document also needs to be sealed and once it opens before the school receives, it will be no longer valid document anymore.
 7. Medical Report
Medical Report is an official document from a doctor which includes with the student's information of medical history, shot records, record of eyesight test, and other conditions with prescription. If school is sending an established form, student can bring it to a hospital for an assistant. If there's no specific form, student needs to ask if a hospital is available with medical certificate.
 8. Official Test Score Report
Generally, student can write down his/her capability of languages based on student's decision but some schools require sending documents of language proficiency.
 9. Essay / Statement of Purpose
Schools are requiring an essay about the reason of choosing the school when student is applying for admission. Essays usually covered on what student's ultimate goal and subjects have studied and sometimes needs to write a specific topic as a requirement. The amount is usually 1 to 2 pages of letter-sized paper.
 10. Recommendation Letter
Schools regard recommendation as one of the most important documents to see the student's creativity and personality. Not that many schools are requiring this but usually, professional diploma and business schools are requiring recommendation letters. Person to write a letter can be a professor, former teacher, or a supervisor and the amount of recommendation is 1 to 2 pages of letter-sized paper.
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