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  Europäische Gymnasium Waldenburg 
On-Campus Dorm/residence
Location : Germany > Waldenburg Establishment : 1994
Enrollment : 450 Airport Pickup : yes
   Altenburger Str. 44A, 08396 Waldenburg (Sachsen)
Contact Info
  Telephone : 49 37608 4020010   Fax : +49 37608 4020089
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- -It's an established school which is open since 1994
- -high value in letting parents and students take part in developing the school
- -fun and happy study environment
- -Teachers like friends
- Importance every individual person
Conditional Admission
 Europäische Gymnasium Waldenburg requirements
-graduated from year 9/10 in home country 
-Basic German
-English knowledge
Europäische Gymnasium Waldenburg requirements younger students
-parents living in Germany
-last school transcript
-residence and work evidence in Germany

  Europäische Gymnasium WaldenburgAbout the
Europäische Gymnasium Waldenburg has partnerships with chinese,vitnamese and russian schools. During year 9 and 10, they get a lot of students from those countries. And offer them variety of courses including the german course for foreigners.

For well over 20 years the Waldenburg school have been supporting international students on their way to the Abitur. The relationship to schools in China, Vietnam and Korea
 are especially nurtured. Every year they send some of their students to Waldenburg to spend their school career with us.

final exam Abitur -highest scholastic degree, that is obtainable in Germany (comparable to A-Levels)
permission for studies at a German college or university
lessons in German as foreign language
integration with the class
22 students per class at most

Requirements for international students
graduation of the 9th or 10th grade in the home country
basic to good knowledge in German language
very good knowledge in English language

for younger students with parental residence in Germany
last report card from the home country 
proof of residence and proof of work by the parents
residence visa
verification of insurance
  Europäische Gymnasium WaldenburgAbout the
Europäische Gymnasium Waldenburg offers a lot of chances to visit other countries and get to know the culture of the people there. The school values the students opinion a lot and includes their opinion in the decision making process of the school. They also offer variety of extra courses,which they can take in between classes or after school. A speciality of the school is the Teenartschool. There the students have chances to learn how to play a instrument or join yje Choir to learn singing.
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