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  Collegium augustinianum gaesdonck 
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Location : Germany > Goch Establishment : 1849
Enrollment : 850 Airport Pickup : Yes
  Gaesdoncker Str. 220, 47574 Goch
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  Telephone : +49 2823 9610   Fax : +49 2823 961-130
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- -Internat school with long history
- -computer class starting class 5
- -starting class 9 special care to prepare for the exam
- -internship class 10/11
- -variety of free time activity
  Collegium augustinianum gaesdonckAbout the

The “Collegium Augustinianum Gaesdonck” – in German simply known as “Die Gaesdonck”, is a leading boarding school in Germany with resident and non-resident students, both male and female. “Die Gaesdonck” is a secondary school (“Gymnasium”) but incorporates also a music school, an art school, a junior business school and a children’s college. Gaesdonck offers broad educational possibilities and "G9"​ as well.  

“Die Gaesdonck” was founded by the Münster diocese in 1849 and it has remained a modern
private school ever since. Full boarders, day boarders and day pupils harmonize very well in the unique environment. From this point of view “Die Gaesdonck” is very well established in the educational system of the Lower Rhine area and is attractive to families throughout Germany and abroad. The triad of Christian Living – Community Awareness – and the Development of Talents stands for our educational approach which prompts us to focus our attention where it should be,
namely on the students.

  Collegium augustinianum gaesdonckAbout the
The school is located in North Rhine-Westphalia close to the Dutch boarder within reach of the international airport of Dusseldorf. Special care for international students is given among others by ongoing German as a foreign language support already included in the fees. What makes the school even more attractive are special advanced courses in the fields of "Arts and Design", "Business Economics" and "Medical Science" which can be applied for by upper-level students of that school.
Collegium Augustinianum Gaesdonck is a combination of school and internat. This school is situated in Goch, a city in Nordrhein-Westfalen. This school offers variety of subjects,which varies by class. The plus point of this school is that they start with the computer early in class 5, they also value consultation starting class 9, since its a important time to prepare for the Abitur exam.


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