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  Humboldt-Institut e.V. - Lindenberg 
On-Campus Dorm/residence
Private language school
Location : Germany > Lindenberg Establishment : 177
Enrollment : 250 Airport Pickup : Yes
  Ellgasser Straße 42 88161 Lindenberg
Contact Info
  Telephone : +49 8381 898 134   Fax : +49 8381 898 136
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- Language Learning Center for Hopeful Students of Boarding School
- Dormitory Available for All 220 Students
- Gorgeous View of the Alps
- Students Between Ages of 13-17
- Enrollment Available Throughout Year
  Humboldt-Institut e.V. - LindenbergAbout the
Do you wish to attend a boarding school in Germany? If you have chosen this institution in preparation for boarding school, then you have made a wise choice! Students must acquire the B2 level of German language proficiency to apply for public or private boarding school, and ordinarily, 25 weeks is plenty of preparation time. Humboldt offers two institutions for learning. The Lindenberg center, especially, has been in operation since 1977 and has served over 50,000 students from over 160 countries.
Lindenberg provides access to all 32 private and public boarding schools in Germany. OECKO is the exclusive partner of Humboldt, and offers great incentives as well. OECKO provides a German visa, and assistance in application for insurance, all for free. The Humboldt Lindenberg center offers 25 hours of classes to juniors (10-14), and 30 hours to teenagers (14-17)
Residential School on the Edge of Lindenberg

Our school is located on the edge of Lindenberg on a little hill with gorgeous views of the mountains and the town, which is within easy walking distance (less than 10 minutes). The course center is a residential school, i.e., the classrooms are within the same building complex as the student dormitories. It lies amidst a beautiful park and next to a small forest, both of which belong to the school premises of the Humboldt-Institut.

Modern School Facilities

Many classrooms have very large south-facing windows with breathtaking views of the Alps and all of them are equipped with modern teaching facilities. The house offers room for almost 200 students and has a fantastic infrastructure with lots of facilities for leisure activities.
  Humboldt-Institut e.V. - LindenbergAbout the
Humboldt의 독일어 레벨 B2를 합격한 학생은 독일 전지역의 60보딩스쿨에 지원이 가능합니다
2019/2020입학 가능한 공, 사립 보딩 학교정보
Baden-Wuerttemberg (바덴뷔르템베르크 주)
1 Heimschule Kloster Wald (only for girls) 학비: EUR 23900 (독일내 비자를 가진 학생만 가능)(Wald)
2 Kurpfalz-Internat 학비: class 7 to 9: EUR 403130.-class 10 to 12: EUR 44630-밤맨탈(Bammental)
3 Schloss-Schule Kirchberg 학비: class 7 to 9: EUR 44880.-class 10 to 12: EUR45530(Kirchberg/Jagst)
4 Schule Birklehof 학비: EUR 45050- (Hinterzarten)
5 Schule Schloss Salem 학비: class 5 to 10: EUR 47374.- class 11 to 12: EUR 48226-  살렘(Salem)
6 Urspring schule 학비: EUR 45,560.- (including German language support) (Schelklingen)
7 Zinzendorfschulen 학비: EUR 46758, Koenigsfeld
8 Europaeisches Gymnasium Waldenburg 학비: EUR 21000 (Waldenburg)
9 Paedagogium Baden Baden 학비: EUR 22100 (Baden Baden)
Bavaria(Bayern)  바이에른 주
10 Christian-von-Bomhard-Schule 학비: EUR 25640, Uffenheim
11 Gymnasium Lindenberg mit Humboldt-Internat 학비: EUR 23,570.50 - 린덴베르크(Lindenberg)
12 Gymnasium mit Internat Hohenschwangau 학비: EUR 6,500. 슈방가우(Schwangau)
13 Gymnasium Maktoberdorf 학비: EUR 5700 (Marktoberdorf Allgaeu)
14 Institut Schloss Brannenburg 학비: class 5 to 10: EUR 53,075.- class 11 to 12: EUR 57,515.-(Brannenburg)
15 Landheim Ammersee 학비: EUR 44,552.- 바이에른주 숀도르프(Schondorf am Ammersee)
16 Max-Rill-Schule Schloss Reichersbeuern 학비: EUR 45,500.- 바이에른주 라이셔스보이어른(Reichersbeuern)
17 Schloss Neubeuern 학비: EUR 59,600.- 바이에른주 노이보이어른(Neubeuern)
18 Schule Schloss Stein 학비: class 5 to 7: EUR 45,588.- class 8 to 10: EUR 49,716.- class 11 to 12: EUR 51,420.- 바이에른주 슈타인안데어트라운 (Stein an der Traun)
19 Staatliches Landschulheim Marquartstein 학비: EUR 12,000.-(Maquartstein)
20 Landschulheim Schloss Ising 학비: EUR 10100 (Chieming)
21 Gymnasium Max Josef Stift (only girls) 학비: EUR 4740 (Muenchen)
22 Gymnasium Pegnitz(only boys) 학비: 4790 (Pegnitz)
23 Steigerwald Lansndschulheim Wiesentheid 학비: EUR 7194 (Wiesentheid)
24 Willibald Gymnasium 학비: EUR 5220 (Eichstaett)
25 Gymnasium im Stift Neuzelle 학비: EUR 29,970.16 (Neuzelle)
26 Gymnasium Villa Elisabeth 학비: EUR 28500 (Wldau)
27 Hermann-Lietz-Schule Schloss Bieberstein 학비: EUR 60,225.- 헤센주 하우빈다 (Hofbieber)
28 Hermann-Lietz-Schule Schloss Hohenwehrda 학비: EUR 60,225.- 헤센주 하운넨탈 (Haunetal)
29 Schulzentrum Marienhoehe 학비: EUR 27610 (Darmstadt)
30 Steinmuehle Internatschule 학비: EUR 49120 (Marburg)
31 Internat Institut Luicius 학비: EUR 23860 (Echzell)
32 Privatgymnasium Koenigshofen 학비: EUR 18000 (Niederhausen)
Lower Saxony 
33 Burgberg Gymnasium 학비: approx. EUR 31,045.- 니더삭센주 바드하르츠부르크(Harzburg)
34 CJD Elze 학비: EUR 38,100.- 니더삭센주 엘체(Elze)
35 Evangelisches internat Dassel 학비: EUR 16520 (Dassel)
36 Hermann-Lietz-Schule Spiekeroog 학비: EUR 48,700.-(Spiekeroog)
37 Landschulheim am Solling 학비: EUR 41,175.- 니더삭센주 홀쯔민덴(Holzminden)
38 Paedagogium Bad Sachsa 학비: EUR 34,250.- 니더삭센주 바드 사샤(Bad Sachsa)
39 Schule Marienau 학비: class 5 to 12: EUR 52,050.- on admission at class 10: EUR 53,190.- 슐레스비히홀스타인주 다흘렘((Dahlem-Marienau)
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
40 Internatsgymnasium Schloss Torgelow 학비: class 5 to 7: EUR 34,392.- class 8 to 10: EUR 35,756.- class 11 to 12: EUR 37,062.- 메클렌부르크포어포메른주 토겔로우 암 제(Torgelow am See)
CJD Christophorusschule Rostock 학비: EUR 28000 (Rostock)
North Rhine-Westphalia
41 Collegium Augustinianum Gaesdonck 학비: EUR 32,356.-(Goch)
42 Collegium Johanneum Schloss Loburg 학비: class 5 to 12: EUR 26,129.- (카톨릭 신자로써 세례명을 가진 학생은 학비 할인 : EUR 17,400.-) 노드라인베스트팔렌주 오스트베버른(Ostbevern)
43 Institut Schloss Wittgenstein 학비: EUR 36,850.- 노드라인베스트팔렌주 바드라스페(Bad laasphe)
44 Internat Schloss Buldern 학비: EUR 31,200.- 노르드라인 베스트팔렌 주 (Duelmen Buldern)
45 Kruger Internat und Schulen 학비: EUR 29,760.-  노르드라인 베스트팔렌 주 Lotte  ?
46 Privates Aufbaugymnasium Iserlohn 학비: EUR 30000 (Iserlohn)
47 Landschulheim Schloss Heessen 학비: EUR 40,014. 노르드라인 베스트팔렌 주 함 (Hamm)
48 Privates Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium Bonn 학비: EUR 26.400.-(Bonn)
49 Villa Wewersbusch 학비: class 5 to 10: EUR37,392.- class 11 to 13: EUR 38,692.-(Velbert)
50 Gymnasium Weierhof 학비: EUR 37,625.-(Bolanden)
51 Trifels Gymnasium Annweiler 학비: EUR      (Annweiler am Trifels)
52 Staatliches Eifelgymnasium 학비: EUR 3600 (Neuerburg)
53 Landschulheim Grovesmuhle 학비: EUR 46,280.-(Veckenstaedt)
54 Stiftung Louisenlund 학비: class 5 to 12: EUR 58,160.- on admission at class 10: EUR 60,560.- 슐레스비히 홀슈타인 주 Gueby
55 Nordsee Internat 학비: EUR 18720 (Sankt Peter Ording)
56 Hermann-Lietz-Schule Haubinda 학비: class 1 to 10: EUR 52,365.- class 11 to 13: EUR 53,060,10.-  튀링겐 주 Haubinda
57 Klosterschule Rossleben 학비:EUR 34430 (Rossleben)
위의 학비는 김나지움에 따라 인상분이 바뀔수 있습니다.
OECKO is established in 1981. It is On and Offline study abroad counseling center. We have more than 20,000 students who went abroad to study through OECKO, and these students are working in variety of fields. We made partnerships with all excellent universities in order to raise global students. Students can self apply to schools in USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Spain, France and etc by him or herself without any cost. However, high schools’, or universities’ required essay or personal statements help from us is charged. Language study entrance admissions can be obtained in 3~14 days.
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