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Private language school
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Location : Canada > Montreal Establishment : 1998
Enrollment : 320 Airport Pickup : Yes
  1350 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 800, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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  Telephone : +1-514-847-0841   Fax : +1-514-847-8305
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- City where English and French are used interchangeably
- Has a strong IELTS and TOEFL iBT elective course
National Mix
Canada 17.89%, Saudi Arabiants 13.01%, USA 7.32%, Brazil 5.69%, Germany 5.28%, Mexico 4.88%, Venezuela 4.88%, Colombia 4.47%, France 2.44%, Taiwan 2.03%, Syria 2.03%, China 1.63%, Turkey 1.63%, Italy 1.63%Switzerland 1.63%, Korea 1.63%, Slovak Republic1.22%, Oman 1.22%, Russia 1.22%, Japan 1.22%, Libya 0.81%, Morocco 0.81%, Dutch 0.81%, Ecuador 0.81%, Iran 0.81%, Dominican 0.81%, Algeria 0.81%, Denmark 0.81%, Australia 0.81%, Ireland 0.81%, Egypt 0.81%, Spain 0.81%, Hungary 0.81%, Czech 0.41%, Netherlands 0.41%, United Arab Emirates 0.41%, Lebanon 0.41%, Sweden 0.41%, Chile 0.41%, Jordan 0.41%, Vietnam 0.41%, Senegal 0.41%, Bulgaria0.41%, Slovenia 0.41%, England 0.41%, Kosovo 0.41%, Austria 0.41%, Yemen 0.41%, Armenia 0.41%
  Geos Language Plus - MontrealAbout the
GEOS Language Academy was first established in 1973 with the goal of furthering international communication through English language education. With over 35 years of experience, 12 schools in North America, and a network of over 500 schools internationally, GEOS Language Academy offers a variety of courses catering to all academic goals and needs! Let our Full-Time and Intensive Comprehensive English Program teach you all the skills and nuances for successful English communication. Let our TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS Test Preparation Courses give you the leg up in university; and our Internship and Work & Study Programs prepare you for exciting career opportunities. With 6 GEOS schools in Canada, students can learn English, enjoy the differing cultures of Canada’s most desirable cities, and have the adventure of their lives.
Montréal is Canada’s second-largest city and one of the largest bilingual cities in the entire world. Its vibrant atmosphere and exquisite beauty make taking Language Courses in Montreal ideal.
Montréal is an island in the large St. Lawrence River. Most of the people of Montréal are bilingual, speaking fluent English and French. The eighty ethnic communities and four universities reflect Montréal’s vitality. The city is built around a mountain and is full of parks and many interesting communities such as Downtown, Old Montréal, Mount Royal, and the Island Parks. There are outstanding museums, antique stores, high-fashion boutiques, first-rate restaurants, a tremendous shopping district, and 'the Underground City' for students of the Language Courses in Montreal to discover.
Students of the Language Courses in Montreal can also enjoy many foods particular to Montréal including smoked meat and poutine. The city is renowned for its European culture, its architecture, and its international festivals. In fact, Montréal is sometimes known as the 'City of Festivals' due to the sheer number of events the city has in one year. Of particular fame are the Montréal International Jazz Festival, the International Fireworks Festival, and the Canadian Grand Prix, which is Canada’s only Formula 1 race. These events draw millions of visitors from around the globe, and really highlight the city’s devotion to the arts, beauty, and fun. Montréal is a great place for students of language courses to study English, French, or both at the same time.
OECKO is established in 1981. It is On and Offline study abroad counseling center. We have more than 20,000 students who went abroad to study through OECKO, and these students are working in variety of fields. We made partnerships with all excellent universities in order to raise global students. Students can self apply to schools in USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Spain, France and etc by him or herself without any cost. However, high schools’, or universities’ required essay or personal statements help from us is charged. Language study entrance admissions can be obtained in 3~14 days.
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